You Won’t Believe People Eat this Combination of Food


This one might not be too much of a new innovation but doesn’t make it any less disgusting. Sora News 24 traced the practice of spooning down ice cream and soy sauce back to the northern island of Hokkaido in Japan. And it is basically as easy to make and eat as it sounds: some ice cream and seaweed are mixed together, and then soy sauce drizzled on top.


The argument would be that soy sauce is equivalent to caramel and salted vanilla in terms of flavor. Then, the seaweed is said to lend a crisp texture, serving as a nice contrast to the smooth texture of ice cream. Though the popularity of ice cream and soy sauce is actually questionable, as some Hokkaido originals claim to have never even heard of it, there is still a beacon of hop – Japanese company released soy flavored ice cream in 2012. Good news, right?




If you are looking for existing proof that even tough an idea seems without complications does not make it good. The Pickleback is basically a back of pickle juice and a shot of whiskey. Not mixed together but, you first drink your whiskey shot, and then you throw back the brine. Even more shocking than the original creation of this combination is the fact that the Pickleback is now gaining huge popularity in the United States, and is making an appearance on bar menus. The culprit in question to blame for the creation of this disaster is the Bushwick Country Club in Brooklyn. The drink gained popularity on St. Patrick’s Day, and of course, the internet pitched in and kindled the embers of popularity.


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