You Won’t Believe People Eat this Combination of Food


You were expecting this next one, weren’t you? It is kind of inevitable to not mention avocados and lattes in the trendy world. So, it is little surprise that the two eventually came to exist as one. We introduce you to the Avolatte (more clever portmanteaus), basically a latte dished in a shell of avocado. It was actually created as a joke but then, as these things tend to do, began to take off and gain popularity; and now, is even something of a phenomenon. We mostly have social media hype to thank for the widespread recipe.


According to the original café’s manager, he explains that the Avolatte is a “fun way of rebelling against the older generation who says we won’t own a house because we spend too much money on avocado and coffee.” Well, there you go. This is the symbol of the 21st century youth revolution and it is made in coffee shops and served in empty fruit shells. Classic.


Burgers are arguably one of the most versatile foods out there; they can serve as a vehicle for an almost inexhaustible number of toppings, from the creative to the absurd. These days, order a burger holding nothing but the regular onions, lettuce and cheese, and you’d b thought boring. Burgers call for creativity, open your mind and top them with mushrooms, pickles, peppers, jalapenos, bacon, coleslaw, guacamole, a wide selection of cheeses, sauces, fruit and vegetables to your burger. Whatever suits your fancy. We were fine with all that until some genius hamburger joint decided to take things one step further and include peanut butter to the list of available toppings.

Killer Burger, a burger joint, is popular for this recipe. The joint’s burger holds a beef patty, pickles, and the icing on the cake; a slathering of peanut butter. The peanut butter is supposedly said to act as a substitute to cheese; except for the obvious differences in taste. Reviews have claimed that Killer Burger’s peanut butter burger is “an insane experience”. We definitely don’t find that too hard to believe.


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