Ladies If He Exhibit These 10 Traits Keep Him

7. Always makes you smile

You catch yourself thinking about him, or you are just looking at him speak or goof around, and all you can do is smile… babe, what else do you need to stick with such man that makes you that happy?

8. Makes you feel beautiful

If he looks at you the way I look at dodo [by the way, I look at dodo with so much adoration in my eyes, all the time], then you should totally hang in there.

On a more serious note, any man who reminds you of how beautiful you are, and how awestruck he is every time he looks at you, with or without your clothes on, he’s someone you really want to be with for a long, long time.

9. He meets you halfway


Many ladies have complained about being the ones doing most of the loving and rarely do the guys meet them halfway.

Thus, when you meet a man who is an exception to the rule, who really ensures that the relationship is not one-sided, then you shouldn’t be thinking of dumping him, especially if he does many of the other things listed in this article.

10. Best 5ex

If on top of all these things, you still manage to get the best 5ex of your life from him, and on a regular basis [as many times as is comfortable and interesting for you], then why would you even think of leaving him?

Aunty, why???

You’re immensely lucky if you have a man who does a lot of these things, and as you read through them you smile because the hints are all there.

You’ve found yourself a keeper and you should hold on to them.


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