Ladies If He Exhibit These 10 Traits Keep Him

You’d be playing yourself if you let go of a man who fits the image painted with the list below.

When Chris Brown dropped his hit, “Loyal” in 2014, it struck a chord with many people, and not just because it had Lil Wayne and Tyga on it.

Neither was it because the song had such an earworm of a tune.

The song brought to the fore an issue of allegiance, of being down for someone no matter what the circumstance was.

There’s a popular belief, which was pushed further on that song, that girls aren’t loyal. Many men believe that women are majorly there for the good times.

It’s easy to fall in line with this belief of women being disloyal creatures who jump ship at the haziest appearance of trouble.

But then, not all men deserve loyalty. Only those who fall in the category below deserve loyalty from for life.

1. He values you

You’ve never been left wondering where you stand in his life, as he constantly reminds you that you mean the world to him- in words and deeds.

2. He’s the person you want to talk to

No matter how good or bad it was, no matter how terribly you messed up, there’s no one you would rather share it with than him, because he’s tolerant of you, listens to you, actually understands and at the end of the discussion, you just  better about everything.

3. Life is simply just better with him in it

Your life was remarkably beautiful before you met him, but since he came in, he has managed to make it more beautiful than you ever thought possible. Please, don’t leave him.

There’s a chance that you’ll regret it terribly if you do.


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