6 Brilliant Ways to Migrate to United State of America

4. Obtaining a work visa

If you come to the United States to work, it will allow you to immigrate legally – if your potential employer files a petition with USCIS. The approved petition is required to apply for a work visa.
Work visas range from time-limited to permanent resident status. Make sure to work with your deadlines and reapply, otherwise you may be deported. In some cases, eviction still occurs, so if you plan to stay longer, you may want to consider becoming a citizen to avoid it completely.

3. Through marriage


If you have fallen in love with an American citizen – to such an extent that you plan to unite his or her hand through marriage – you will get a green card. According to the United State Citizen and Immigration Services, there are several steps to follow, including submitting a copy of your civil marriage certificate, passport format photos of you and your spouse with additional proof of any legal name change for you and/or your spouse.
Remember that a green card is not the same as an American citizenship. However you will remain a citizen of your country of origin unless you apply and pass a citizenship test. This applies to all those seeking to immigrate to another country.

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