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List of Full Scholarships for students to study in the United States Obtain a scholarship in the United States.

Every year, there is this influx of students from all over the world who come to the United States to start their studies or to continue their studies…

Would you like to study abroad in the United States on a scholarship?

A number of American universities and organizations offer undergraduate, master’s and doctoral scholarships to students from developing countries. Some of these scholarships in the United States are specifically offered to foreign students from Africa.

The World Scholarship Forum has made it so easy for you to overcome the stress of waiting for American scholarships for international students one after the other.

You are an international student looking for a scholarship to study in the United States. There are many scholarships available for international students (mainly African). These scholarships are available as master’s scholarships for international students or undergraduate scholarships for international students, which can be funded by government grants, Foundation grants and university scholarships.

Our list for African scholarships also includes many named scholarships such as the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program, Fulbright International Student Program, Imomoh Scholarship Program, ExxonMobil Middle East and North Africa Scholarship Program, Inclusive Education Scholarship Program, African Water Association, etc.

Get a scholarship in the United States complete list below……..

What do I have to gain if I apply for a scholarship in the United States?
There are many advantages to scholarships for students who win a scholarship in the United States. These include:

  • A student visa,
  • All Expense Trip to the United States
  • Free tuition fees
  • Power supply
  • Accommodation
  • Books
  • Allocations 

All these scholarship benefits depend on the scholarship provider. Scholarships are offered in the form of fully funded scholarships or bursaries without tuition fees. You must first obtain an American VISA.

With this, I want to leave you with the opportunities that African students have to study in the United States. Take this opportunity now and don’t wait for deadlines!

The MasterCard Foundation Scholarship Program
At the University of California at Berkeley, the program will provide full financial, social and academic support for up to 11800 students over eight years, from 2012 to 2020, and is open to undergraduate and professional master’s students. MasterCard Foundation awardees receive a full scholarship equivalent to the costs associated with obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree, which includes travel expenses, tuition fees, Berkeley student fees, visa and SEVIS fees, accommodation, food, living expenses and cohort training programs that will focus on leadership topics.

Provided by: University of California Berkeley
Course: Bachelor’s or Master’s degree
Eligibility: Undergraduate and Professional Master’s students.
Reward: Varies from one country to another
Deadline: Undergraduate students – December 20 and deadlines for graduate applications vary from program to program.