10 Signs you’re Hotter than Kim Kardashian

4. You always make circumstances fun, even when it’s a wrong turn or something saddening. You bring the silver lining to all the clouds, and in doing so, cheers up the lives of those around you.

5. You’re drama free! There’s nothing like a heavy dose of drama to make a man start running in a different direction. Even the more beautiful models, when they are all about the drama, makes it difficult to be in a single relationship for long.

6. You treat your body like a temple. No matter what your body looks like, that’s a huge turn-on to men. Being dedicated to your workouts and a healthy diet shows not just abs but motivation. Plus, exercising makes your skin glow.

7. You have curves! Slender babes are adored for their waifish figures, but your luscious Kim K-esque bod has an advantageous, making you up the ante from waif to Marilyn Monroe. Curves are something to be boastful of, not ashamed.

8. You’re a trend-setter, not a follower. You’re not hesitant to rock something that the rest of the herd hasn’t tried first. Being a leader as opposed to a follower is an indispensable aspect to the “what men find sexy” equation.

9. You’re self-sufficient and make your own dollar! Even if you have the dreamiest looks ever, not being able to pay your own way makes you look weak and helpless. If a woman can sustain herself, that’s a strong point of attraction to men.

10. You really care for and take care of people in your life either they be friends or family members. Being naturally caring persons will make any man fall in love with you, as men are often attracted to women who are full of love for their immediate family. This is a strong indication of maternal instinct, bolstering the idea that you’ll one day make an amazing mother.


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