10 Signs you’re Hotter than Kim Kardashian

While we oftentimes think about our appearance, we don’t really reflect on the definition of hotness, and what precisely makes us beautiful to possible companions.
Astonished: it’s not matching a supermodel on the cover of a magazine! Here are the features that heighten your attractiveness and give you a charming presence.

1. You’re naturally confident, but it’s not something you think about a lot or, candidly, are even conscious of. You don’t regularly wear a ton of makeup, or obsessed over what other people think. That’s super hot in itself.

2. You have an excellent sense of humor. Though the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, a sense of humor is just as important. If you’re a naturally funny girl, it’s infectious, and boys will be crowding you all over.

3. You’re content. Submission is a sweet and cool quality – now, that doesn’t mean being a doormat. You’re just modest where it counts, even when you’re an accomplished and remarkable woman.


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