10 Friendly Countries for Immigration

Unfortunately, it is not that easy to do. Not only do most countries have fairly strict guidelines for admission, but they also require a lot of money for this privilege. The financial impact of immigration is certainly not limited to government costs either – there are the costs of travel, moving your belongings and settling into a new home.

But before losing hope, there are some countries that make the immigration process easier than average. Read on to discover ten possibilities that you may be able to exploit. Even if you don’t get citizenship, many of these places are happy that you live there indefinitely.

Do any of these 10 intriguing options make you pack your bags? The great thing about each of them is that it is very easy to visit them for a long period of time, so you have ample opportunity to discover the culture and see if you will be fond of it. Immigration is not really easy, but it may not be as difficult as you think with good preparation and a spirit of adventure. Go, go, go!

10. Austria

At the top of the financial ladder, Austria is a choice with a high cost of living. But it offers 10 different types of residence permits. If you can afford it, you will probably be entitled to at least one.

Austria offers landscapes of incredible beauty in the form of snow-covered Alps, wild valleys and sparkling blue ice caves. Residents would be very satisfied, and why not, with a “perpetual resort” lifestyle? Austria is a pretty little country that serves as a gateway to many European capitals.

The immigration trap in Austria is that you must apply from your country of origin, not from temporary searches in Austria. This makes hunting work (or the spouse) a little more difficult. There is an exception for residents of the United States and the European Union, who are entitled to a D visa that allows them to stay in Austria for six months before applying for a residence permit.

9. Costa Rica

Costa Rica has long attracted expatriates because of its beautiful beaches, world-class health care and friendly population. The way of life in Costa Rica is peaceful and easy to live with – they don’t even have an army. The cost of living is fair, with a family needing about 2,500 dollars per month to live conveniently.

Costa Rica has a program for retirees that requires an income of $1,000 per month to qualify. Otherwise, you will need a job in order to obtain permanent residence and, eventually, citizenship. For this reason, it is not the easiest country on our list for migration, but also not impossible. If you have the skills Costa Rica needs, you should be able to navigate the process.


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